Airbus A319 General
Airbus A319 Series
Short range airliner
Unit Cost
US$ 55 - 66 million
Main Operator
US Airways

Airbus A319

Airbus A319 Program Milestones
First Flight
1995 (Date unknown)
First delivery
April, 1996
Launch Customer

Airbus A319 Aircraft Dimensions
Cross Section
13 feet 0 inch (3,96 m)
Wing Span
111 feet 10 inch (34,10 m)
111 feet 0 inch (33,84 m)
38 feet 7 inch (11,76 m)

Airbus A319 Weights
Maximum Taxi Weight
64.400 kg
Max Take-off Weight
64.000 kg
Max Landing Weight
61.000 kg
Max Zero Fuel Weight
57.000 kg
Operating Empty Weight
40.600 kg
Max Structural Payload
13.200 kg
Usable Fuel
23.860 litres

Airbus A319 Seating
Airbus A319 Seating
One Class
124 Passengers
Typical Configuration
124 Passengers

Airbus A319 Powerplants

Example of the IAE V2500

98 kN
IAE V2500
120 kN

3.350 nautical miles (6.800 km)

Airbus A319 Information
The Airbus A319 is a shorter derivative of the Airbus A320 and is capable of carrying up to 124 passengers in a two class config. The aircraft has about the same fuel capacity as its larger brother and is powered by the same engine types. With its low operating costs, the A319 is in operation with many airlines worldwide like Easyjet, Northwest Airlines, Air France, British Airways and US Airways.

Swiss Airbus A319 entering runway 36L
Nightshot of an Alitalia Airbus A319
Aeroflot Airbus A319 touching-down runway 06
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Airbus A319 Design
One of the key characteristics of the Airbus A320 family is the revolutionary fly-by-wire technology. It was first introduced on the Airbus A320 and now used on all models including the A330, A340 and A380.

Other versions the Airbus A319 are:

  • The Airbus A319CJ (Corporate Jet)
  • The Airbus A319LR (Longer Range)

The Airbus A319CJ focusses primarily on the business market segment as it is capable of carrying a maximum of 39 passengers but can be outfitted into any configuration depending on customer demand. At the moment the A319CJ is in service with PrivatAir, DaimlerChrysler, Reliance Industries and is widely used for transport of officials. In order to increase range, the aircraft has additional fuel tanks installed in the cargo compartment which increases its range upto 6.500 nautical miles.

The Airbus A319LR features an all business class configuration with a maximum of 48 seats. It is specifically designed for exclusive business class services on intercontinental routes. The aircraft has 4 additional fuel tanks installed and has a range of 4.500 nautical miles

Airbus A319 Versions

Airbus A319 Shortened version of the Airbus A320. Basically has the same fuel capacity as the A320-200 while having decreased capacity. It can fly up to 3.900 nautical miles in a typical two-class configuration. Together with the A320, the Airbus A319 is the most popular variant of the A320 family. It is used by many low-cost-carriers and directly competes with the Boeing 737-700.
Airbus A319CJ

The A319CJ is the corporate Jet (CJ) version of the A319. It features additional fuel tanks installed in the cargo compartment increasing its range to 6.500 nautical miles. It can carry up to 39 passengers but may be outfitted by the customer into any configuration.

Airbus A319LR The A319LR is the standard A319 that incorporates additional fuel tanks in order to increase range, hence the name Longer Range. Although Airbus offers it in a standard airline layout, many customers operate it in an all-business class layout with only 48 seat. Compared to the the A319CJ, the A319LR has four auxiliary fuel tanks instead of six.

Easyjet Airbus A319 on approach
BA Airbus A319 climbing out of runway 24
TAP Airbus A319 climbing out of runway 24
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BA Airbus A319 touching down runway 06
Thrust reversing of the V2500 attached to the Airbus A319
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