Technical Aircraft Information Boeing 727-200

Boeing 727-200 General
Boeing 727-200
Short to mid-range airliner

Boeing 727-200 Program Milestones
August 5, 1965
First Flight
July 27, 1967
First delivery
December 11, 1967
Launch Customer
Northeast Airlines

Boeing 727-200 Aircraft Dimensions
Cross Section
12 feet 4 inch (3,76 m)
Wing Span
108 feet (32,92 m)
Stabilo Span
35 feet 9 inch (10,90 m)
153 feet 2 inch (46,68 m)
34 feet 11 inch (10,65 m)

Boeing 727-200 Weights
Maximum Taxi Weight
185.800 lbs
210.000 lbs
Max Take-off Weight
184.800 lbs
209.500 lbs
Max Landing Weight
150.000 lbs
161.000 lbs
Max Zero Fuel Weight
136.000 lbs
144.000 lbs
Operating Empty Weight
97.650 lbs
100.700 lbs
Max Structural Payload
38.350 lbs
43.300 lbs
Max Cargo (cubic feet)
Usable Fuel
54.200 lbs
70.920 lbs

Boeing 727-200 Seating
One Class
155 Passengers
Mixed Class
134 Passengers

Boeing 727 Powerplants (All models)
14.000 lbs
14.000 lbs
14.500 lbs
15.000 lbs
15.500 lbs
16.000 lbs
17.400 lbs

Boeing 727-200 Range
1,500 to 2,500 miles (2,750 to 4,020 km)

Prices all variants - ($ in Millions)
Model out of production - no prices current

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Boeing 727-200 aircraft dimensions
Boeing 727-200 aircraft dimensionsBoeing 727-200 aircraft dimensions

Boeing 727-200 General Information
The Boeing 727 was the first trijet ever introduced into commercial service. Due to its versatility and reliability it was the best-selling airliner in the world during the first 30 years of jet transport service. In total, 1.831 aircraft were deliverd during a production period running from the 1960s to August 1984. Finally, in 1991 the first built 727 made its last flight on behalf of United Airlines. It was then donated to the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

After its first appearance the aircraft became a real hit with flight crews and passengers due to its jet luxury it provided on shorter routes. The aircraft introduced triple-slotted trailing edge flaps that made lower landing and take-off speeds possible thus being able to accomodate smaller airports.

The Boeing 727-200 was introduced in 1967 and had 20-foot longer fuselage compared to the 727-100 version and an increased gross weight. The extended fuselage can accomodate up to 189 passengers in an all economy lay-out. In total, 1.245 Boeing 727-200s were delivered in all its variations. In 1971 the Boeing 727-200 Advanced was launched which had a greater fuel capacity, more powerful engines and several structural improvements. Later improvements of the 727 included another gross weight increase to a maximum of 191.000 pounds for the Advanced version. In 1972, another gross weight increase was accomplished after which it highest gross weight was eventually raised to 210.000 pounds.