Technical Aircraft Information Embraer 145XR

Embraer 145XR General
Embraer 145XR
Short/Medium range aircraft

Embraer 145XR Aircraft Dimensions
Cross Section
7 feet 6 inch (2,28 m)
Wing Span
68 feet 11 inch (21,00 m)
Stabilo Span
24 feet 9 inch (7,55 m)
98 feet (29,87 m)
22 feet 2 inch (6,76 m)

Embraer 145XR Weights
Max Weight
XR Version
Maximum Take-off Weight
53.131 lbs
Maximum Landing Weight
44.092 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight
40.786 lbs
Basic Operating Weight
27.758 lbs
Maximum Payload
13.027 lbs
Usable Fuel
13.168 lbs

Embraer 145XR Seating

Seating Capacity Standard

Embraer 145XR Powerplant
8.736 lb

To be announced

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Embraer 145XR dimensionsEmbraer 145XR dimensionsEmbraer 145XR dimensions
Embraer 145XR General Information

The Embraer 145XR (Extra Long Range) provides approximately 450nm extra range compared to the -LR version. The additional wingtips and fuel tanks installed are the only main difference with the -145 and contribute to the extended range capability. Overall, the aircraft is capable of flying 50 passengers in a standard configuration over a distance of 2000 nm or 3.706km.

The additional range is an ideal feature for longer and thin routes and makes this aircraft even more interesting for potential customers operating in developing markets.

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